How to Install Launcher Manager on Firestick/Android TV for Custom Launchers

This guide will show you how to install Launcher Manager on Firestick and Android TV devices.

Launcher Manager is a free tool that allows Firestick and Android TV users to customize their device interfaces with ease.


The new Launcher manager does address a couple of issues, including the ability to change the sleep timer and screensaver. The one huge disappointment is still the fact that you cannot do an app store search on the Firestick. Attempting to do so only returns you to the main launch manager options. Oh well, things could be worse, I could own a shield and gone through the update debacle.

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There is a new version out for Android. V.1.0.4
XDA has the new code.

Short Link for Downloader
Launcher Manager 1.0.4 (ATV)

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The latest version I have is 1.1.5 . That’s on my Max though.

Yeah. Fire stuff has different versions for different os.XDA has them all on there webpage.

aha. I thought as much. Have a great Friday my friend.