How to Install FilmPlus v1.9.1r on Firestick & Android TV

Originally published at: How to Install FilmPlus v1.9.1r on Firestick & Android TV

FilmPlus is a free streaming app (APK) that offers access to free movies and TV shows. This app is a fork of Terrarium TV which is known as the most popular APK of all time in the cord-cutting space. Terrarium was shut down years ago but duplicates such as this still exist. The current version…

This is a great app. The only problem is when I resume a movie, sometimes I want to go back to the beginning and the app doesn’t ask to resume or go to the beginning. The setting ask is set, but app doesn’t ask the question. Am I overlooking something?
Once again great app Troy.

Soo confused I’ve been reading for hours and still can’t figure out how to get filmplus … can someone please shed some light

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I’d hold off for a while. The latest update is a dog and you probably don’t want it. And this is from someone who’s used FilmPlus for the last 2 years!

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I have a modded version of the latest FilmPlus v 1.5.7
I got it from the following site

Do a search for FilmPlus on their home page and then scroll down until you find the link with the blue background. I’ve had it for a few days but it’s just a backup for me. Definitely not my main app for Movies or series. This mod does work perfectly and you’ll find all the settings are there for you, including the option to use an external player. I use VLC.

Morning. I can’t find it anymore and will need a mod version to install today.

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