How to Install Diggz Free99 Kodi Addon on Firestick/Android TV

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The guide below features the Diggz Free99 Kodi Addon with installation instructions for your preferred Kodi device. This includes streaming devices such as Firestick, Fire TV, Android TV, Google TV, PC, Linux, and more. Diggz Free99 is a new addon from the Diggz Repository which is an extremely popular repository known for its quality options…

Just an FYI…

This addon is also included on the updated Xenon Plus Debrid Only 2.1 Build.

But there seems to be a few bugs on the updated build. Trying to reinstall to see if they have been fixed. Stick with 2.O for now if you already have it.

Reinstalled build. Seems ok now but still have to try it out for a day or two.

Does it use real debrid?

Yes it is for Real Debrid, All Debrid and Premiumize.

Thanks will give it a try.

Oh sorry. I thought you meant the build i ws referring to. I dont know if the free99 addon is using RD or the other services. But since it is called free i am guess it doesn’t.

It has ResolveURL capabilities but unfortunately real-debrid did not seem to work for me after authorization.

Done everything but when I click diggz repository it says could not connect to repository any help please

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Did you instal the zip file first?

Sorry obviously you did or it wouldn’t be there to click.

Yes like I said I done everything what Troy said but when I get to click on repository it won’t connect

I tried it on my phone and it worked for me.

Did you try to reinstall from zip to see if that makes a difference?

VPN? Internet working ok?

I had been trying for a year on how to use the crew add on and never could understand it. Recently a person suggested I just do a build on Kodi. I installed the new Diggz build and it was like the heavens opened. Now my only question is why install an add on if the build works perfectly?

Builds don’t work perfectly all the time. And neither do addons for that matter.

Its really a matter of preference. I dont stay on top of all the different addons and updates. I trust the developer to keep his build working well and fix changes as needed.

Also a Build can take up a lot of space. Some people have limited storage space and dont want it wasted on a build that is bloated with addons they dont use.

And i am sure there are more reasons i am missing.