How to Install CrewNique Kodi Build

Sorry Troy ! didn’t even see the video. Duh ! excellent video as always!! :v:

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I have this installed but can’t find the adult section. Where is the adult section on this build?

I saw the pw for the adult action in Troy’s video.

When it comes to build menu i dont get a prompt for fresh install. It only kodi 19.4 or save data… so cannot proceed

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Can’t get it installed?

I get as far as “crew wizard installed” but the wizard never opens and pops up the menu. I’m stuck.

Welcome, Have you tried clicking on The Crew Wizard and seeing if the install screen will open? Is there a check mark next to The Crew Wizard? if not checked it didn’t install. hope this helps.

Yes, and yes. There is a checkmark. When I click on it it takes me to the crew wizard Kodi screen. From there I can uninstall it, disable it , or adjust the configuration but if I try to open it I just get the spinning ball of death until I exit Kodi (I’ve left it for over an hour)

Click on the version and just try to install it again with one of those versions

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You win, the most patience ever award.:trophy::trophy::trophy: :rofl: