How to install apps on kodi 18.9 and which apps are the best

How to install apps on kodi 18.9 and which apps are the best

I installed the crew, oath, numbers, tempest
Exodus, I do not use a build

HI :wave:
I have a very old Android TV box so I have to keep using kodi 18.9
I have installed: The Crew, OATH, and UK TURKS

The Oath and UK TURKS work well because they’re still compatible with kodi 18.9
The Crew works also, but I don’t get all the “extras” like sports, iptv etc…because The Crew upgraded to kodi 19…

Is the android tv box a old kodi box, 1st edition.
If it is a kodi box, crew should work, i’ll show you the process.
If kodi 18.9 is installed it should take with the sports and IPTV should work.
My kodi setup has Tempest-The Oath-Sky-Crew-One sports only for the IPTV.
The interface should be programed, let me know.

I can show you how to build your own, the builds are and have always been weak, that my opinion, I use to do builds years ago, now I create my own and if save space and everything works.

I have used builds in the past but there is so much on them that I didn’t use so now I just download apps like the crew oath etc

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