How to Install APKTime on Firestick/Fire TV and Android - Is It Safe & Legal?

Originally published at: How to Install APKTime on Firestick/Fire TV and Android

This in-depth report of APKTime will provide you with everything you need to know about this app on Firestick/Fire TV & Android TV Box. Is APKTime safe to use? How do I install APKTime APK? We will answer those questions and more in this article. Since this app can’t be installed through an app store,…

Here is another strange problem, in the APKTime app under Entertainment I can only scroll to the first Flixoid app download and that’s it and it doesn’t go far enough that I can click on download for that app.

This is on the 4K MAX Gen2 stick

I have APKtime installed already just can’t get to all the apps listed in the Entertainment section, and the link you sent me to about FireStick Mouse Toggle says “Currently, both are not working on the [New Fire TV Stick 4K Max]”
Honestly it’s not that big a deal, I just figure out other places to download the apps I can’t get off of the APKTime app, just post to let you know there is some kind of problem.

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Just a suggestion in your settings maybe you can change your display to a lower percentage then you might be able to see it. Also if you get apps2fire app on your phone you could put it on to your stick that way you might be able to see it on your phone. Sometimes I also notice on APK time They have the app listed in a different section also. Hope I’ve helped

On my 4K FireSticks it’s not a problem, not sure how I can change the resolution on my TV, even if I can not sure that’s going to make a different because there are about 20 more apps below where I’m stopping, it’s something to do with the 4K MAX.

Can you provide a screenshot of what you see. It maybe as simple as opening the sceen scaling on the Max. settings>Display & Sounds>Display>Calibrate Display

I have the screen scaled to fit my tv. If I could only not be able to get to the last app’s install button I would say it’s scaling but it stops scrolling at the first Flixoid app, there are a bunch more apps after Flixoid.

I would try another store, however with amazons recent clamping down that might be futile.

I find other ways to get the apps I am wanting, it’s just easier to get them from this app, and I figure they may want to know there is a problem.


Give UpToDown a look, its my goto.

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You can always use downloader to search for the apk’s site if having trouble…
Jusy a thought…

unlinked is pretty good code FIRESTICK thats one code troy has listed others try search

Thanks for the information.

Thanks for the information. I have used unlinked in the past.


i didn’t even know ukturks was updated…working great!