How to Install and Use NexTV IPTV Player on Firestick/Android TV

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The following tutorial will show you How to Install and Use NexTV IPTV Player on Firestick, Fire TV, and Android TV/Google TV. NexTV is an IPTV Player that provides users with a fabulous interface to stream live channels on any device. It does not feature any live content, however, it does allow users to integrate…

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Does anyone know if Troys version of NexTV in the toolbox is the same as the playstore?

Mine looks nothing like his and nothing is loading for me. I’m not even getting a home page

Are they even the same Nextv app. They look nothing alike and the one I installed from the toolbox frooze completely. I had to uninstall

I steered clear due to sending my iptv creds to somebody elses cloud concerns me.


Very nice review done by Troy…

Thank you.

I wanted to give this one a try and compare to sparkle, but I do not see how to add M3U information.
My provider does not have extreme codes.

Any suggestions please.

Hello everyone, I’m linking directly to their Amazon Firestick APK link at the following site within the tooblox.

The APK file from their site shows as “3.0.17-tv-boxes” whereas when you download from Google Play it displays as “3.0.17-google-tv” so there may be some slight differences with the APK. Seeing how Amazon is now running things with their new devices, I’m sure these devs need to jump through their hoops.

With all of that being said, I would suggest installing through Google Play if you are on an Android device to ensure you are getting the proper release. Someone said that theirs looks different. Mine doesn’t, both look the same and you probably installed something different.

I also installed this on my Android phone and it’s working as expected there as well.

Hello @TXRon I was thinking the same thing as you but used my trial services with it to test. One thing that you will notice in settings after upgrading to their + version is that you can turn off cloud if you would like.

If not using the cloud sync feature I personally don’t think I would spend 20 bucks on this yet as there are still some bugs they need to work out.

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I have been using Tivimate and very happy with it. The feature that I use alot is the catch-up feature along with an IPTV that has this feature. Does NexTV offer the catch-up feature?

Hello @Bob11 they do but I couldn’t get it to work. It returned an error. Definitely stay with TiviMate if that’s a feature that you use. As I say in the review, hopefully they will keep adding features and fix some of the bugs such as Catchup.

Overall, it’s fun to try out new players, but the EPG has a lot to be desired.

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Thanks Troy, I will keep an eye on it but as others have stated its pretty hard to beat tivimate. What I find interesting is/if you could upload all your subs and mix/cut out as needed etc…glue it back together as one output…then we might be on to something :joy:

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I have been waiting years for someone to come up with a player for those folks having more than one service. Wouldn’t it be great to have the ability to create a “Favorites” folder with your selection of channels from several services? A programming nightmare to create for sure, but I can dream, can’t I? :wink:

actually you can do that with tivimate


For everyone’s information…

I was evaluating NexTV player today.
Downloaded it and entered playlist information around 3:00 p.m. today.
At 9:02 pm tonight while looking at the Notre Dame vs Miami football game, the TV image froze and a message is displayed saying “You have reached your viewing limit for today. Switch over to nexTV+ to continue.”

Am I missing something?

I downloaded this from tool box…

That is correct and Troy mentioned that in his article. Its limited unless you pay

try sportsfire tv its free and works well

Thanks for your suggestion…

Can you please provide a link?

Found information here…

Put this in search

Is safe on ONN device

its safe and very good :+1:

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