How to get syncler to remember watched episodes

I did a search here already with no luck. I’m wondering if anyone knows if it’s possible for syncler to remember watched episodes on shows and how to set it up. I have the premium syncler. Thanks

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Add it to your watch list. Should remember for you.

I have them in my watched list but doesn’t remember any episodes only some of the seasons but no episodes


I have a like 16 shows with random episodes in each season, if I don’t finish it the resume option is there.

If I watch it, and I hit back it goes to the next episode, if I back out completely it will remember it.

I don’t have this issue so it’s hard to say. If you remove your watched show and add it back the data is lost.

If you clear your app data and cache on syncler it loses the save. At least it did for me.

Go into your settings and enable this:

Accounts > real debrid

  • Enable RD - On
  • Enable hosters - On
  • Enable cache torrents - On
  • Debrid service priority for hosters - 99
  • Debrid service priority for cached torrents - 100
  • Enable deferred resolving for hosters - On
  • Enable deferred resolving for torrents - On
  • Enable metadata detection - Off
  • Enable cloud sanitization - On
  • Add magnet max wait (seconds) - 10


  • Debrid cache - On
  • Debrid cloud - On
  • TMDB - On

Thanks Draco I will give these settings a look and set them accordingly . I didn’t remove or clear any data or cash I figured that would delete any saved info . It’s weird it will save the season but not the episode starts at episode 1all the time . Thanks I will let you know how it goes


Yea please do and report back. But it should be tracking seasons and episodes, I currently watching a few without this problem.

I don’t want to suggest a uninstall and reinstall but it’s possible solution, I don’t want you to go threw all of it for nothing.

At any rate try that see what happens

I went through all the settings and the only thing that was wrong was debris cloud was off so turned it on and am watching a show now and will see if it works thanks :+1: let you know

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Also enable history. I believe it’s under content


I just finished watching a show and it saved info thanks not sure what did it but will have to copy down those settings for the future :slightly_smiling_face: thanks for your help as always