How to get Mytvonline3 set up on my new Formuler Z11Pro

Hey Guys I finally got myself a Formuler Z11 Pro . I got it all set up and running this afternoon watching YouTube and now I just cant figure out how to get the Mytvonline app up and running. Any help would be much appreciated. Thank you.

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its just a player, you need an iptv service for it to work.

so what iptv service would you guys recommend ?

We can’t mention them by name here. I would recommend starting here:

IPTV – Top 5 Services & Best Apps in January 2023 (

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if you are new to iptv. then I would suggest doing a free trial of several until you find one that fits your needs. Start out doing one-month subs and then when you feel comfortable with one. Then do 3-to-6-month subs to take advantage of discounts. Never do more than you can afford to lose, because these services can shut down without any notice!


see no evil, hear no evil ,speak no evil :slight_smile:

yes I am completely new to iptv. was satellite tester years ago but just getting started with ipg. I just intalled my box this afternoon but now am trying to figure out how to get this mytvonline3 stuff going .
found tivimate so far but still trying to figure all this stuff out. lol its quite a challenge for an old guy like me

Sounds like all you need is an iptv service. Check out the free trials and Customer service response and you can use that to get a feel for each. Bad CS, stay away. Cheap not always good either, lists are totally subjective. Read. good luck

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Hang in there Brass, we got you. Just research first and then ask questions when you get stumped. Old guy huh, join the crowd bud, and who’s counting? Step one (my suggestion only) become a patron and then you can get into and read more “categories” here. Step two (again my suggestion only) learn how to message members directly by clicking on their icons.
Lots to learn and and for what its worth, I’m an old “tester” too. Fond memories of those pansat and viewsat boxes. I prolly have a few still here somewhere now to mention it. Anyway, Have fun and stay safe. ps: Another Step that is important is to GET A VPN going on that Formuler, (I have one too and love it, its a streaming beast!) I highly suggest viewing the tutorials and other videos which Troy has so meticulously created for us to learn from. :smiley:


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Good ideas. How does one go about checking out / comparing
the customer service of various providers ?


Yeah that is difficult, send them a text and see how long it takes to respond. What kind of response you get? That kind of things. Discord seems to be a good way to find IPTV services. lots of tutorials on Troy point. Any other things just ask away.