How to get my USB flash drive to connect to my firestick

I bought the connection to add more space to my firestick. I watched a YouTube video of how to connect it as an external device and my firestick is not recognizing the USB or it’s stating only micro SD cards can be used for external storage. Any suggestions on how get it to recognize the usb flash drive or is there a way to trick it to think it’s a micro sd card?

Here ya go my friend. Troy saves the day!

Thank you :blush:

While Troy touches on this in his article, I want to stress that not all flash drives will be recognized by the firestick. I have found one other brand/model of USB3 flash drive that will work, however it’s best to stick with a Sandisk flash drive, such as the one that Troy recommends. Even though this other brand drive works, it seems to be slower than the Sandisk drives I’ve used.

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