How to get full screen with ustvgo apk?

I loaded the ustvgo apk but I their is no box on the lower right side to make the picture full screen . How do you do that ?

With the firestick you quickly double click the enter button on the pic


I tried double clicking the enter button with my Nvidia Sheild but that don’t work .

Ya sorry, that’s why I specified 4K Max. There are a few shield users here, hopefully they’ll chime in.

The USTVGO apk is not officially from USTVGO. 3rd party made it. I never could get it to go full screen either so I went back to using the web address. The apk is easy and handy, but no full screen. On the web site full screen is easy, double click or use the arrows on bottom right of screen


Okay thanks . I’ll triy the website .

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