How to Fix Widget Binding Failure

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The following tutorial will show you how to fix widget binding failure error in ATV Launcher or Wolf Launcher. Both of these launchers offer an awesome feature that allows for displaying widgets at the top of the screen. Unfortunately, some devices don’t support it and results in a widget binding failure error. One of the…

I have not been successful in getting a Surfshark widget on my Nvidia Shield Pro… even after trying to use Troy’s video multiple times. Any ideas for me?

Hello @jorom on the Shield make sure that you enable both USB debugging and network debugging. I think the Shield is unique in that regard that there are two of those setting that need to be enabled. Give that a shot. Also, triple check you are inputting the codes properly.

Both debugging settings enabled! However, I just installed Monitor Dot from Troy’s toolbox and it is giving me exactly what I want.