How to fix a fire tv cube from flashing yellow when using a vpn

How to fix a fire tv cube from flashing yellow when using a vpn?

I’m using up vanish vpn

Does anyone have an answer?? I have the same problem

This almost sounds like why my KM6 works when “breathing green” instead of its normal blue. Green is supposed to be no internet connection, and I believe so is flashing yellow on the cube. The VPN I believe is the reason these signals get confused. If you turn off the VPN to stream verified stuff, does that yellow flash disappear?

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I found this. It’s a tad different from other posts I’vr read and may be worth trying. Seems there are 2 basic reasons.

  • You have a notification from Amazon that your order has been delivered. Just say “Alexa, read my notifications”. She will respond and the yellow light will go away.

  • There’s a reminder you missed.

  • You have no internet. Since Alexa is a cloud service, she needs to be connected to the internet.

So the Amazon notification may be worth trying.




There’s always black electrical tape over the flasher…let your other echo devices tell you there is a notification.

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Miki’s reason number 3! It’s happened to me several times on my cube. And it was a loss of internet connection.

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Using IPVanish I took another member’s suggestion and did split tunneling for all the Amazon stuff and no more yellow light.

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Where can i find the split tunneling setting on a fire cube?

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It’s a feature built in to most vpn. So in the vpn app settings.

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