How to expand Firestick memory

Video for expanding Firestick memory

Where is the video? Am I missing something?

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Here’s Troys article to improve stick memory: Expand Fire TV Stick 4K Internal Storage With USB Flash Drive

I would like to move kodi to to improve my firestick memory but this is a little too complicated for me. Think I’d better stand firm.

Can I use this same process if I do not have a 4K Firestick?

Is this procedure applicable to the Fire TV Cube V2 as well?

Troy, Anyone??? Please…

Unfortunately, you can’t get around the fact that the fire stick only has 8 gigabytes of memory, 5 of which are taken up by Amazon’s proprietary apps that you can’t get rid of. That gives you practically no cushion to stream, let alone download other apps. I personally gave up on the fire stick over 3 years ago and bought pure android tv boxes with at least 32 gigs of internal memory and 3-4 gigs of RAM. Storage, freeze ups, overheating, etc. were eliminated. There are many good quality android boxes you can get with decent specs at reasonable prices on Amazon and other tech sites like gear best.

I have extended the memory of my 2nd gen Fire Tv Cube by using a usb hub (which includes Ethernet adapter) together with a Usb drive. This works perfectly well and most applications can be moved over to this external storage. Hope this helps. This is the model I purchased

Thanks PaulC,
I tried that a while back. Bought a hub and memory recommended here. And formatted it through Fire TV Cube setup. However, I never could get it to show up as additional memory for Fire TV use. I may not have used an OTG cable. I don’t remember. But I have the cable now and will try again soon.

Thanks sim bill

Hi Don

You dont need an Osg cable as the hub plugs directly into the ethernet socket on the rear of the Tv Cube. Hope this helps !