How to download Syncler not working for me

People seem to like Syncler I thought I’d give it a try. I seem to have downloaded it correctly, but I cannot get to the systems button. That is, I cannot get to any of the control buttons on the far left of App. They flash briefly when I open the App, and then move out of reach. I can sort of see that it is there. I’ll need it to link Real-debrid. If I try to open movie, it says Syncler provider packages not installed. I think I need to get to systems to fix that?

In a Fire TV, you need to press the back button twice in the remote control to access the hidden left menu.


Thank you rguaiquil!!! I never would have figured that out on my own. If that info was included in the TP tutorial, I repeatedly missed it. It took me 45 minutes, following your advice to finally figure out how to get Syncler working (with Kosmos).