How to disconnect the mouse

does any one knowhow to disconnect the mouse on a XRS 4900 i look in setting but can’t find it.

This link is to get a manual and perhaps the info is in there.

I’m not sure what mouse you’re referring to or how it connects to your system but if it’s bluetooth you may be able to go into settings and find the section for bluetooth and unpair from there.

Thank you I did take out my toggle for my keyboard & mouse when you mention it bluetooth i see if that was the culprit, Just bought this box so i needed to it ready, Thanks again

should be a key on the remote that start/stops the pointer

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I see it now above the mute button Thank you

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your welcome. By the way that is the best remote ive ever seen/used period, hands down. I wish all remotes were that well thought out. :+1:

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You are so right i do like this box i was tired of my mecool box this 4900 to me is the best out there

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