How To Disable Uptobox in Kodi

Originally published at: How to Disable Uptobox in Kodi in 4 Simple Steps (2021)

The following step-by-step tutorial will show you How to Disable Uptobox in Kodi for streaming Movies & TV Shows. Uptobox is a file hosting provider that works in conjunction with Streaming Apps and APK’s such as Kodi. Most Popular APK’s for Movies & TV Shows There are several Kodi Addons that use Uptobox to provide…

Thank you for the feedback TP team. I have encountered this when watching replays of UFC fights using the Crew (or I believe Blue Hat Sports - same thing) and most of the time these guys are the only stream/feed available. They do have a free option and for the pin/login info set my VPN location to somewhere in Europe and am able to obtain the pin and watch the stream with no issues.

Thanks TP team for the info, like most of us here having you as our subject matter experts makes us all a little smarter. Thanks for all you do.