How to disable play protect

I’m trying to make sure that play protect is still disabled on my Nvidia shield I went into security and restrictions and can’t find it. Already did a search for it on the search icon came up with Troy’s video for the shield on how to do it and the options needed are no longer available in the menu . Any ideas or suggestions would be appreciated :thinking:

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Thanks Steve I was trying to do that before I posted and it wouldn’t allow me to access it. It’s doing all kinds of funky stuff lately since the hurricane. I already tried unplugging it and all the normal things. It’s turning on by itself sometimes the in goes into a partial reboot over and over then when I get it to stop it’s functional and working fine . I’ve tried doing everything and leaving a factory reboot to last I now tried to access my icon and it allowed me and yes it is off thank for the reply :v::sunglasses:

Go into shield android settings, Accounts and sign-in, and remove account. That will inactivate Google Play. No more updates, no more anything from Google.

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