How to Connect IPVanish on Windows

How to Connect IPVanish on Windows

Many users experiencing continuous disconnection of IPVanish app on windows pc.
This problem can be solved by many ways eg: Router settings, uninstall and reinstall the app, clear the cache and much more.

But there is other solution to keep the connection stable by using SSTP Setup on Windows PC.
IPVanish provided the settings to setup the SSTP.

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Connecting IPVanish trough SSTP Setup on Windows.
SSTP Setup on Windows PC

Never had a problem using IKEv2 or just using Wireguard via the IPVanish software :slight_smile:

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Yeah there’s many solutions to solves continue disconnected from IPVanish app on Windows PC.

Those settings are for users trying other solutions to stay connected without resolts.

SSTP Setup on Windows PC again another solution to help those to stay connected to IPVanish without using the IPVanish app.:+1::joy:

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