How to clear cache andriod box

Hope I have entered this in the right place.
Is there a one step process to delete cache on andriod tv box or do I just go into settings and delete cache in each app manually ?

Thks in advance

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Hi @apoclines
You must go into each app and delete cache.


I thought so BUT was hoping there was some secret method. Will give me something to do each day or so …


i use clean master for android and it cleans all my apps cache…i don’t have to do each app seperately…even has a widget for your homescreen to clean cache.


The application is just called Clean Master? I have Kodi installed on an android tv black box…
Could you please tell me where and how to get Clean Master? Thanks in advance :slightly_smiling_face:

it’s available on the google play store…


Great :+1:
Thank you :blush:

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Install "Background Apps and Process List and Fast Task Killer.

Also, I don’t know about your specific device, but in a Nvidia Shield, I can go into Settings>>Device Preferences>>Storage>>>> Internal Shared Storage/SanDisk USB Drive>> Cached Data>>OK

I use a SanDisk thumb drive as my external storage. So whatever external you use will be the same process. This clears the Cached Data for all apps with one click.

The Background Apps and Process List will only list all the apps running on their homepage. You then still have to click on each individual app and clear cache and force stop each one at a time. The Fast Task Killer runs in the background and will close a bunch of apps. Enable notifications for this app and when you click on it , it will pop up a list of all the apps it closed.

Btw, on a Shield you only need to clear cache on one or the other storage file and it will clear for both.