How to back up WOLF LAUNCHER

How do i create a back up onto my usb? Im using a firedtick 4k max. Is there a video? Thanks

Ooops. Sorry. I’m not sure you can copy an entire firestick, including OS to a usb drive, however you can clone one stick to another.

I just want wolf launcher backed up.

Not sure why you would want to do that as you can download it from techdoctoruk anytime. You can download the apk in Downloader and not install it, that way it will be in “files” in downloader. Get both Wolf and Launcher Manager as they work together, that way you have both apks.

Hey Joejoe…

Just hover over an app…

Hold the ok button…
(curtain comes up)

Down to Other…

Theres your Backup & Restore settings…

For flashdrive… probly have to use a file explorer

Hmmm That method doesn’t get me the list you suggest. Maybe in Wolf those options aren’t available. Now to back out of Wolf, return to stock launcher and see if this works on my older 4K.

Nope. That doesn’t work in the stock loader either. Going to an app in my app section and holding down the “enter” gets me a prompt to move it.

Hmmm Miki that is wierd…

On Wolf home screen, when i hold my select/ok button, the curtain has this…

Wow you get way more selections than I do.

I have five firesticks in house and like the wolf launcher for getting rid of all the amazon ads and movies on home screen. If i back up my wolf launcher i wont have to re-customize all i did on the wolf launcher for each firestick. All i would have to do is restore what i saved on each firestick. Hope that makes sense.

Maybe somethin needs to be updated, maybe wolf?

And then how do i restore it on each stick?

Aha. Now I understand. Sorry I can’t help cause after configuring an app I have no idea how to save those configuration settings to an external device short of cloning the stick. I’ll do more research

I don’t think so, but now you got me on a mission.
All I get is


That’s all. I have Wolf version 0.1.9-wolf


You might have to use ES file explorer to transfer from internal to flash (havent tried this but should be fairly easy)

Lol Miki…


Good luck

Hey Joejoe…

In ES…

There is a Wolf backup folder… i would guess you need to transfr the whole folder

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Nope. I have updater Launcher Manager but already have the latest Wolf. I now have more options i the launcher Manager but don’t get the options you do. What devuce are you using.

I have that folder but it says it’s empty.

A 4k… could it be diffrnt gens?