How to Add Weather to Kodi

How to Add Weather to Kodi 19 and higher.

Kodi is an excellent media center for watching movies and TV shows. However, it is much more than this and can provide additional services.

“Kodi uses add-ons to provide weather information. You can select from various global and regional weather add-ons and customize various location opinions.”

Checking the weather forecast in your Kodi is one cool feature you should have.

For those settings I’m using (Gismeteo) I found it very cool and easy to use but you can also use other services as well those settings cover (Gismeteo) weather service.

Note: Those settings will not cover the API key settings.

How to choose the weather service

Launch Kodi>

Click the Settings icon> (Wheel icon above)

Click Service>

Click Weather> (Make sure you’re in Expert view)

Click Service for weather information (When configured for the first time menu will be empty)

Click Get More…

Click on the weather service (Gismteo)

After adding the (Gismeteo) weather service, you need to configure your location for better forecast of your location. Here is how to configure it:

After clicking (Gismeteo) weather as your weather service> Click Settings

Click Location 1>

Enter a name of a big city near you “menu will pop-up with locations names then select the correct name”, and click OK

In kodi the standard configuration weather forecast is set to Fahrenheit. If you want to switch from Fahrenheit to Celsius, do the following:

Go to Kodi home page
Click the Settings icon> (Wheel icon above)
Click Interface>

If the settings level (Make sure you’re in Expert view)

Click Regional> here are two sections
Language, and Unit Format

The language is set to English you can change it if you want.

Unit Format you can change them all if you want eg:

Region default format: Central Europe
Short date format, depand on your region
Long date format, depand on your region
Time format, depends on your region
Temperature unit: Regional (°C)
Speed unit: Regional (km/h)

Go back and restart Kodi from the icon next to the wheel.

Open Kodi go down to the weather you will see the weather forecast you just configured.

That’s all

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