How to Add Real-Debrid to CrewNique

Hi again,
Before signing up and installing Real-Debrid, I am reviewing the tutorial, but I have a Nvidia Shield Pro. The video is for a Firestick. More importantly, it is only for the Crew Kodi Addon and not for CrewNique …the Crew Build which forces a different interface than the Kodi 19.4. In it, we are supposed to go to “Tools” in order to go to “ResolveURL:Settings” and so on. Where do I find this in CrewNique v1.3?
Thank you guys

It should install the same as normal open Crew or any add on select tools, Resolve Url. but some builds have a Debrid button on the home screen or on the bottom of the screen. scroll right or left.

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Thanks, but my question was … where in CrewNique is “Tools” to do what you suggest?

Open the Crew or any add on. Then setting, tools, resolve url

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