How to add on magic dragon to Kodi 19.2?

Would like to add on magic dragon to my present Kodi 19.2 ?


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Guides all over.

Guide is here: Walk through

I’m new to the FIRE process. I have managed to install KODI 19.2 and a build. Now I am trying to add SportSurge to it. How do I get back to the KODI home screen to do this??

Hi @Bir
So in the build, look for the tab Interface and click on it. When a new screen opens, click on the tab that indicates the current interface you using. When a new screen opens, scroll down to Estouchy (which is the Kodi default interface). Click on it. A message will pop up asking you if you are happy with the change, click yes. Once the screen refreshes, you should see a familiar look.
Have anymore questions, ask away.
Good Luck.

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