How to Access Stremio After Changing Email Address

i would like to know what i will need to do if i want to change my email with a new internet provider do i need to delete stremio and start fresh,also not sure what i need to do with nvidia shied pro google account do i create a new one,i have so many places to contact and in order to changing my email pretty crazy should be a easier way thank you

Is your email attached to your ISP? It’s not a, or type email?

yes email attached to my ISP,i guess i think i am going to set up a gmail act

Went thru that a few years ago, sucks having to change it all over to new email. Good Luck.

I don’t think you lose access to your email address, when you change ISP

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I would use the free 500 mb email for anonymous sign up and use a vpn while doing it.
You will always have your proton acct even after switching email.

You misspelled it. It’s proton email

i thought i would post a update got a few more places to change to a new email i went with a gmail also while changing changed passwords, i am so excited i am going to get for 1gig fiber optic speed for 2yrs around $60.00 a month right now with old provider$ 60.00 a month for 20mb that i have had for over 20yrs at the time only place that offered internet where i live, finally going to catch up to the real world living back in the boonies

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