How to access PC storage wirelessly from NVIDIA Shield pro

I am a 70 Plus Plus year old… Not a very technology fellow… I am having a problem with Plex… it runs perfectly but I have a huge library of movies, TV Shows, Old Time Radio Shows, Music etc… so much so that the data file on my c drive is growing extremely large… My C drive is 500 gb… and is running out of room because of the growth… (390 gb used & growing). It was suggested that I buy a Nvidia Shield Pro (Which I want anyway) and use it as my Plex Server… I have looked all over the internet & on this site but haven’t found how to access my PC (Windows 10) wirelessly from the Nvidia Shield (I am running TiviMate)… I was told that with the 1 TB storage on the Nvidia Shield I would be fine as far as the storage issue… any and all help would be greatly appreciated.


Hey man age isn’t don’t mean a thing. You will get it.

Try looking here: Guide

Beginners guide to plex do this first.

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Thank You Dracoo for the reply… I have read the Troypoint guide you referenced. Actually I knew a lot of it already (Not all thou)… I did learn the mechanics about setting up the Nvidia Shield Pro as my Plex Server (but, I already knew how to do that)… I couldn’t find out how to access my Windows PC storage devices from the Nvidia Shield Pro / Plex Media Center. (I have 8 hard drives filled with media I want to access)… any and all help would be appreciated… thanks again for your help…

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