How to Access Firestick Keyboard on Any Browser - New Feature

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A new feature has been added to Firestick and Fire TV devices after the latest update that allows for remote access to the keyboard on any device using a web browser. This means that users do not have to use the provided remote to type which can be a cumbersome task, especially when entering long…

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Fire TV gains new web-based virtual remote and keyboard for quick and simple control from anywhere | AFTVnews


Hi TxRon,

I started seeing it the other day. I have not tried it, but find it visually distracting.

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I find it annoying. Because it shifts the keyboard to the left it covers up most of the text showing some results for the search that start showing up as you type.

Although the keyboard was added to the firestick, cant a handheld keyboard be used for the same purpose?

I always used a mini keyboard on my 4K Max.

Hello, you scan the QR code with your phone or tablet then you type on that instead of the on-screen keyboard which makes it much easier than using your remote control.

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It’s all explained in Troy’s tutorial. Even shows a screenshot of the QR code in his tutorial.

Did you update your firestick? The keyboard on your stick opens whenever you want to type something like a URL in your Silk Browser or entering txt here, if going to TP on your stick. If the keyboard that opens doesn’t show the QR code beside it, then you don’t have the update. Reading Troy’s tutorial does explain it all and the added AFTVnews article posted by @TXRon also explains it. Sorry but I can’t be there to guide you through it.

It’s possible the vpn(if any) might be blocking the qr code. Many apps are moving away from qr codes as well due to security issues.

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It looks like the QR code isn’t available anymore on my Fire TV not my Firestick.