How much does RealDebrid cost?

I’m new to all of this stuff and am trying to find out more about my RealDebrid options. Anyone know what they are and the more affordable ones?


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It’s about $18 USD for 6 months. Best value ever.


I cannot speak for other similar services such as AllDebrid or Premiumize, as Real-Debrid has been an essential part of my setup ever since I read Troy’s recommendation. The cost is very reasonable with four price options:
15 days – 3 EUR ($3.38 USD)
30 days – 4 EUR ($4.50 USD)
90 days – 9 EUR ($10.13 USD)
180 days – 16 EUR ($18.02 USD)
They feature the 90 day option which is most popular and what I have been using. The number of sources for each content search available through this service rarely disappoints. Ten bucks for 3 months is well worth it.


How are you guys paying for RD ?
Can I purchase a amazon card and pay with it?
My debit and credit cards won’t let me use them outside the us.
Forgive my dumb question but I need help paying for RD.
I have signed up on their website but know nothing about it except what I have read here.
I really want to sign up with them for 6 months to start.
Thanks very much