How many of you use Real-Debrid without a VPN

Just wondering. I’ve read many posts, not here, that indicate one does not need a VPN when using Real-Debrid.

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You don’t need one but you should use one.

Real debrid has its own encryption for the magnetic links coming from there server, it’s different then torrentiong.

But it’s highly recommended. I would suggest to use one anyway. I rather that real debrid connection be encrypted on both ends so it doesn’t appear abnormal with the isp.


The main issue with Real Debrid links is that they pull in a lot of torrent files. These are the ones that the MPAA, etc, can catch you with. As a rule you’ll just get a snotty e-mail from your ISP saying they’ve had a complaint from a copyright owner and if you keep doing this they’ll block your internet access… You run the risk that the copyright owner will come after you.

I don’t know if the real debrid setup can protect you from this

Torrent = VPN!!!


I agree 100% Torrent = VPN
I received one of those nasty :triumph: letters from my isp :warning: warning if I got caught again they would not send out any other correspondence and just banish my account :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


No VPN here except for direct torrents I do with uTorrent. Even the cached torrents go through their tunnel so not sure how you got a letter. I have real debrid and premiumize and feel great. Decade ago I got a letter when I wasn’t sure how things work but no problems since.


Same Here Real Debrid on KODI no VPN. You won’t get any letters using cached Torrents from the the scraper sources in KODI. Been doing it for years. You see the YouTubers and such touting you must have a VPN because they want to get their affiliate fee and that’s Hogwash


I don’t use Kodi, but regardless of that, I won’t stream anything or surf the net without an active VPN, but I don’t play russian roulette either. I don’t really care about my IP I’m concerned about the identity thieves and hackers. After having my own torrent site and instructing users how to safely make and stream torrents I don’t worry about them either. Any uploader will most likely be encrypting the header for their uploads anyway so most IPs won’t know what you’re downloading. So I think without one you are taking risks, but it’s everybody’s personal choice for their own comfort level.


IPvanish here with the Safety Dot :slight_smile:


I actually have 4 vpns that I can use but ExpressVPN is the one I use most of the time. The others are cyberghost, proton, IPVanish.


Thanks guys. Anyone else care to weigh in? I want to be able to set this up on my IPhone, Desktop Computer and Fire TV and let it run continually without issues for streaming (kidding) and browsing.


Real Debrid uses https end to end encryption from their server to your device. Your ISP cannot view the encrypted content of your data stream.
There is no anonymity however, Real Debrid can see and log your personal ip address and your ISP can see you are connected to a Real Debrid web server.
Three issues to be aware of using Real Debrid…
They state that their service is not to be used to stream copyrighted material… umm yeah. In other words if you get caught you are on your own.

They keep user logs for one month and up to a year if requested.

They will hand over user logs to authorities.

A VPN provides stronger encryption than https. Your ISP can only see your connection to a VPN server.
Your ISP cannot view any web sites visited from the VPN server and the web sites you visit cannot see and log the ip address of your device.

VPN’s reduces your bandwith however because of the tunneling encryption process, and not all VPN’s are supported with Real Debrid.

Do you need a VPN with Real Debrid? ? It depends how comfortable you are with Real Debrid logging your activity. It is all good until any streaming service get served with a court injunction.
Unlikely that end users would be charged, but I prefer to use a VPN.


Yeah this convo can go on forever. It’s all about being paranoid or not being paranoid…Democrat or Republican (this is NOT political just used as an example) Tomataaaao or Tomattttttto. I am very comfortable using RD without any VPN, some are not. Nothing wrong either way. Move on