How do you remove Amazon pre install apps on a fire stick?

How do you remove the pre-installed apps on the Amazon fire stick?

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Can’t. You can only use the debloat tool for OS6 and OS7 to disable them.


You can’t - but if you use Wolf launcher you can unclutter your screen by hiding them.


I’ve been using the FLauncher … Works really good.

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Hey a quick question. Can you hide the Amazon apps you don’t use? Can you add wallpapers and customize icons? If so I may just give it a drive and see how it compares to Wolf. Thanks.

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I found it on the TP Site… Explains how to install and get it running the way you would like… So i would say yes,BUT,watch the vidio

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Install isn’t any problem for me, I just wanted to get your personal experience and see if you’d tried a couple of the things I asked about. Merry Christmas

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