How do you install yahoo sports app on fire tablet

I need to install yahoo sports app on my fire table need help

The tablet is Fire OS and yahoo sports does not support Fire OS. Just Android.

You mean like this?

Way to go jay. I can’t even get any of the yahoo sports APKs to install on my firestick let alone a tablet. I always get a not compatible with your television warning. I gave up.

Tablets are different than firesticks.

I take it this is more humour?

No it’s not. I’m being serious. The OS is different for tablets than it is for firesticks. Yahoo Sports is not meant to be viewed on an OS built for TV. The original question was about installing it on a tablet. You responded that it wasn’t possible, but you were talking about firesticks. The Fire HD OS is still based on the Android platform.

Ummm, I responded it wasn’t possible because that is what my research showed. I don’t have a tablet. Your comment to me was sarcastic as you know full well I know what I’m doing with a firestick. There are countless articles about loading it onto a firestick as well as apks, but none work. So if you have a solution for that, that would be helpful.

@Miki … No one said anything about a firestick. Go back and read the initial post and chill out

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OMG JAY.I never said that you did mention a firestick? I brought that up because the initiating post was about Yahoo Sports and I was trying to get it installed on a firestick . I have no idea why you insist on antagonizing me and being obtuse. I’m helping and trying to get help when needed. You need to chill out and leave me alone.

Okay, so then you highjacked @santiase post. Because they asked about a tablet and you responded about a firestick and said it wasn’t possible. YOU gave bad advice. Now you’re getting frustrated because we’re talking apples and oranges.

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Again with the attack.

I said it wasn’t posdible on the tablet and you proved me wrong, I mentioned the firestick as an aside is all.

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