How Do You Download the CyberPlay Player for CyberFlix

I recently downloaded Cyberflix on a firestick for a friend when I couldn’t download Cinema (what’s up with that?). Everything was fine until it asked me if I wanted to use the CyberPlay viiewer (as opposed to the Exo or MX players). When I said yes, it switched to a download screen, but then said that it could not download the player because the file length was too short (?) (sorry, I’m going from memory).

After several attempts. I thought that IPVanish might be interfering with the download (the proxy IP address), so I turned it off and tried again, to no avail. The only other factor I can think of is that I’m presently in a hotel so I’m using their WiFi to get online. All other downloads went fine, and I’m going to try it again once I get home.

Meanwhile, I’m using the Exo player, which works just fine. Still, I’d like to understand what, if anything, I’m doing wrong!


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When downloading Cinema, did you try using Downloader??

Absolutely! I also tried using Troy’s Rapid App Installer. Both of them failed! I thought I’d have problems with Cinema when I got back home. I saw that there was an update, which I installed, and all is well!

I also saw that Cinema has a Beta version, but I chose not to install it, especially since it was going to wipe out my Favorites and my Trakt TV items, forcing me to start over. I’ll just wait until the Beta version becomes a legitimate update.

Haven’t loaded Cyberfilx on my home devices, since Cinema is working! But, I’d still like to know what’s up on both fronts (i.e., inability to download Cinema, and inability to download CyberPlayer).

I’ve tried to find the CyberPlay player, but haven’t had any luck. I just use the other pre-installed player that comes with the program. It seems to work fine.

Yep! That’s what I ended up doing! I’ve done a bit of research and this seems to be a long-standing issue with CyberFlix. I saw where people had this same problem as many as 5 months ago (still hasn’t been fixed, apparently), but everyone was good with using the MX and EXO players!

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