How do I use The Crew to watch LIVE TV?

I am new to the Troypoint Insider, however I have been following Troypoint for years😁
I am not sure if if I am allowed to say the name…so I will be careful. I live outside onf the United States and I used to watch LIVE TV in America USGO by using my VPN.
Sadly for some reason US
GO has suddenly stopped working, with a message “we are closed”.
While searching this topic on the Troypoint Insider, a follower mentioned that that particular live tv, is working via The Crew (Kodi Addon). I immediately installed The Crew addon to Kodi, however when I go to the IPTV LIVE CHANNELS and click on the one I want US**** NOTHING LOADS. I am confused and disappointed…am is missing something…why isn’t it working???:confounded:
I would really appreciate some guidance on how to watch LIVE TV (IPVT) using The Crew.
Thanks for all/any replys😔

Yes the crew doesn’t seem to work on live TV, you can use promise or Mad titan for live TV which is in the magnetic repo, but you need a VPN, ustvgo has closed down.


Thank you for taking the time to reply. I will look into what you have suggested … I used USTVGO all the time, so I’m really missing watching my favourite channels within the website.

You will need to look into paid iptv its your best option. Free iptv on kodi isnt great

The Crew uses ustvgo and ustvgo went down. I haven’t tested the other livetv in depth, but what I have tested RBTV seems to work best. it is part of mad titan addon, or you can get the stand alone addon in the The Warehouse Repo.

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