How do I install order favourites on Kodi

I am using Zaxxon 709 builds on my nVidia shields, the Estuary Flix build has an addon in programs called order favourites which I really like. My other build is POVico which does not have the order favourites addon.
Can any of you kodi gurus please tell me how to install this addon?

IMO using favorites in KODI is a horrible way to keep track of your shows and movies when there is a far superior cloud based way to do this in Trakt TV.

Anyway I did a quick search of the “Order Favorites” KODI Addon and came up with this. I started out with Favorites 6 years ago when I first started with KODI but quickly switched to Trakt TV because of it’s ease of use and it’s so much better than Favorites, but here you go

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:slight_smile: hanks for that … I am not very technically gifted. I have tried and failed so will now change the build -:slight_smile: