How do I add multiple IPTV services in TiviMate?

I have trivmate with apollo on it…I want to add another iptv to test…and then decide which one to keep…so the question is…can I add to the trivmate I have or do I have to do a second trivmate? If yes to the trivmate I have…how do I do this?


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If you do an internet search for " add multiple IPTV suppliers in tivimate" you will find multiple links, including troypoint, in the results, with step by step explanations and even youtube vids.

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Hey Micki…
You can put multiple iptv services (playlists) into Tivimate…

Just go to Settings… Playlists… Near the bottom youll see Add a playlist…

Now do the same steps u did in your first setup…

as in… Server name - username- password


I have 3 on mine. What’s nice is when the playlist and epg update it’s done for all 3 at the same time. Also, when you set up your favorites for each individual service they will also all populate in the Master Favorites for all 3. Love Tivimate!


Absolutely love tivimate


I even had more iptv services on there, but am in the process of trimming the list dow to a few. I figure I will whittle it down to 4-5. LOL Dozenz XII has earned the top spot on my list!

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