How do I add a seoond iptv service to my formuler z11 pro max?

I have a formuler z11 pro max. i have installed one iptv service. how do i install a second or a third iptv service?

I’m not sure about formuler, but I have TiViMate and use it on my Max, Onn, and KM2, and can add any number of iptv services/playlists. Shield next.


All depends on what kind of player you are using…like Miki said, Tivimate will accept as many as you want to put in. This is done by adding them in Settings/Playlists…in other players you would add more accounts. Not familiar with Z11 either so I don’t know if you’re using a native player or what…but I’d look for Playlists or Accounts in Settings. :cowboy_hat_face:

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Just repeat whatever you did the first time. If you need more detail let me know. Good luck :+1:

Press the three lines on the remote when inside mytvonline3, then click content manager, then push content sources and than add what you want.


If you are using their iptv player go into your connections and select add portal.


thank you, this the information that i needed to add an iptv service. thank you very much.


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