How can i jailbreak my firestick and not pay someone $150

My brother payed someone $150 to get a jailbroken firestick he added a iptv. how can i do the same i do not want to pay $150

Start with this Troypoint guide.


Hey stik95…

Go into Settings…
My Fire TV…
Developers options…

Turn ON
ADB debugging
& Install Unknown Apps

Yor stik is now jailbroken… that’ll be $74.99 (half price) lol

Now install downloader, TP app installer, maybe unlinked

Finito… now find what u like




Read the tutorials you get emailed when you sign up sir. Also never fall for that crap, its called side loading apps, troy has you covered.


oh great! i already got all this down on my own firestick i thought jailbreaking was like something else lol
okay so i got as in to watch ‘;free movies’ do you know of any iptv where i can watch ,free live^TV and 'pp View or a good subscription provider that is working good at the moment with no lags

“Jailbreaking” is a misnomer for the firestick - you aren’t “jailbreaking” (“rooting”, modding the firmware) anything. However, installing some apps after turning on “apps from unknown sources” can be a little tricky the first time you do it. People who don’t know how or don’t want to tackle it can pay up to $150 for a preprogrammed (sideloaded and set up) stick.

LOL this reminded me of the early days seeing all those “JailBroken” Firesticks for Sale on amazon.

yeah after seeing the video i notice its like kodi but this time you have the apps in your home screen. so pretty much i know how to do all those steps. i stopped using my old firestick until i got the 4k one. i just need to know what server to install to watch live tv and ppv.

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Hey 95…

Not sure about yor “server” or free iptv questn

Maybe yor bro got an iptv subscrptn with his high dollar stik, so maybe thats what yur thinkin is free

A paid iptv servc is a great option, but we cant discuss providers on public thread

For free movies & shows there r many apps (Beetv, Film+, Stremio, Syncler, etc), they are all in an app called Unlinked

hope that helps a little or give us more info (what app yor bro is using) so we can point u in right direction


oh yeah im familiar with all the free movies and stuff like that, which i have unlinked set up and vpn as well. the app he got on his firestick is called;"StarTv:;

Listen to troy and people on here you will get all the help you need dnt get fooled and ripped off to let people scam you into jailbreaking you’re firestic9k when all it takes is a click of a cupple of buttons and join troys page by signing up via email address and you will get regular troypoint updates and also subscribe to his youtube page its how i learned everything about firestick troy as helped me and thousands of other people he lets you know when new apps and updates are available he has been a massive help to me carnt believe youre relation paid all that money to jailbreak when just cupple clicks and can install anything you wont for free and get all the help you need on how and when all new apps and updates to install become available

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@4kfirestick95 We’ve seen these comments before and that is a complete scam. Simply follow this step-by-step guide - How to Jailbreak Firestick in May 2022 (Safely with Step-by Step Guide)