Host error in downloaded

Any help would greatly be appreciated when I go to downloader in the browser section I try to put in Download a code and I get back browser working cloud fair working host error above any suggestions thank you

What code are you putting in?

  1. No matter what codes I put in, I get the same message. Yeah

I’m slow but I haven’t a clue what you’re trying to do. Do you have Downloader installed? Have you enabled “install from unknown sources”?
What, exactly, are you trying to install?
What device are you using?
That code looks like it’s for cleanmaster but may no longer be a valid code as the URL cannot be found. So it may have been taken down.

You’re not slow, my friend, but I have downloaded installed. It worked fine now it doesn’t work every time. I try to type in something then you click on go tab. It comes back with that error on the host box.

I will try uninstalling downloader and reinstalling it again

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