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Hi, I’d like tto be able to download some documentaries. I have unlinked on my Firestick which works well but Unless I’m mistaken I cannot download using the firestick.
Therefore I’ve loaded bluestacks onto my laptop and would like to download Unlinked to my PC. However I can find no browser within Bluestacks and the only download location seems to be the Playstore.
Does anybody know where or if I’m going wrong?


TROYPOINT Rapid App Installer

Download the RAI to your PC using the link above. Install RAI using Blue Stacks. Install unlinked from RAI.

Hey great. did that. Trouble is I now get validation chain failed every time I try and install soething. Any ideas? I read that setting the clock fixxes this but my clock is fine.

Spelling seems a bit off though.

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From what I read it wasn’t the clock but the date. You can make sure to set your date and time to “automatic” and see if that works for you.

im currently testing RAI on my pc with BS, gimmie a sec.

Bluestacks is working fine with RAI, unlinked downloaded and is working. Everything with the RAI is working as intended, i have done some major testing on my pc.

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So date and time are set fine but still getting the msg. I’ve now tried on 2 machines with 2 versions of Bluestacks. It must be a setting somewhere.

That’s because your using a library that doesnt work. 12341234 is down.

You’re absolutely right. I just downloaded Flixoid and my troubles have evaporated. Thanks.

I feel like such a pleb. does anyone know what I need to use the download option for shows in F+? I was sent to the playstore but couldn’t login from within bluestacks so I don’t know what was being suggested I download.

For that im not sure, but why not stream vod style instead of downloading? I mean lots of options to download but on a pc its probably easier to stream with a vpn and add stuff to your library/favorites

You’re right but you never know when these things will be taken down or just disappear into the ether.

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