HeroGo Live TV Service Closer Look

HeroGo Live TV Service Closer Look: Some Advertised Channels Missing, Interface Problems Plague Launch – The Streamable



Sounds like they are having many issues on the launch.

Based in Houston, there’s the problem. Can’t get anything based in Texas to work right :wink: :wink: :grin: :cowboy_hat_face:
Houston we have a problem… again.


Well if its in Houston and the mayor didnt get his pockets lined expect an investigation.

That’s the state of the world right now, who pays off who. (whom?) Hey, I was just remembering that there was a herogotv m3u on the apsattv streams page. It had those “tv stations” that nobody has ever heard of on it. It might still be there, gonna check.

I’m thinking same people, different infrastructure in an attempt to be legit

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Very likely. The m3u was still there, although it hadn’t been updated since 7/23/21. Can’t recall if it even worked back then, lol

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I see a trend for a few providers to go legit and thats a good thing if they can control price. The top package there is $55 and I consider that to be where all top prices should be. Only slingtv stayed close to that over the years. Fubo went from my fav at around $40 to un-attainable :crazy_face:

I hear you, and agree on the price. I’ve been trying to get my niece and her husband off of that YouTube TV deal. They haven’t seen the light on better options yet. But there are quite a few out there now, and seemingly growing. More choices usually always equals better prices.


$130 bucks a month!? Are they crazy or what!

Thats the billionaire service


They have some great shows with that service. Breaking Bezos, Musk and Mindy, Gates of Thrones.

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