Help with links on turks

I am having trouble accessing programs on turks the links they put on just dont open
Anybody know how i can resolve this without debrid .

What device are you using? Are you talking about the links contained in the standalone apk or in the Kodi addon?

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Its a 4k fire stick wired so its direct Internet not wifi and its the standalone app i dont use kodi to be honest i am useless and cant realy use it in the standalone app i save to fav that normally opens extra links but i still struggle to open most of them .

i have turks version 1.1.0 working fine

It works ok the problem is the links its frustrating going through the links untill i come across the one that opens the app overall works fine with movies its normally the second to last link that will open but with tv programs its a struggle but unfortunately turks is by far the best i have used since tvzion shut down .

i agree turks is one of the best around i also use film plus

I think i have solved my problem i have gone on a different firestick just on wifi and it opens links no problem so i will take the ethernet cable out and revert back to wifi on my other stick it could have been to fast i am on 350 meg from virgin so back to wifi from now on .

glad its sorted out good one

I installed the TV turk addon to Kodi19 but every time I open it up I get a pop up telling me I need to got to a website an get a token to open the app . Is their a work around for this ?

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not sure what version you have the only time you would need tokens is if you want première sports the rest is all free

I actually am very lucky i have a full sports package BT SKYSPORTS PREMIER SPORTS
AND THE NEW VIAPLAY all this is friends log on i have some good mates i have been disabled for the last 3 years so they help me out with there extra sign in’s i can pick what i want to watch
You cant watch everything but where i live its all rugbyleague thats ch4 skysports and premier sports thats now viaplay and bbc if its on but i still watch the movies and series on turks i am spoilt for choice and since l lost the use of my legs it keeps me from getting bored.

I can’t even upen the addon . When I click on it I get a popup add a token . I guess it’s some sort of code you have to get from a website .

i think you need to reinstall try getting app from another source

What sorse do you recommend ?

Sorry for very latest turks use code 67664537

Pitate ! I got UK Turk to open with your code . Thanks .

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