Help with Kodi/The Crew/HDMI switch

I recently got a new tv that only has 2 HDMI ports. I purchased a HDMI switch and I now have my Firestick and all gaming systems using it. Typically the Firestick had it’s own port on the back of the tv. I have not used my Kodi/The Crew set-up for awhile and when I went to use it last night everything seems to be fine but when I go into my saved searches and bring up a series to continue watching I get absolutely no links. I tried just going to the movie section and I cannot get any links for any movies either. I am running Kodi 19 Matrix and The Crew 2.05.

I was wondering if I should delete everything and start over from scratch or not. Any tips would be appreciated.Thank you…

Welcome, Not sure which way to direct you but start with plugging the stick back into the tv directly and test Kodi. Crew has not been reliable as of late. Suggest 9Lives or Homelander etc. What version of Kodi? you need 19.4 or higher. Give this a try and report back. :v:

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This has absolutely nothing to do with the HDMI switch. There are posts all over about this issue you can read. Without a Real Debrid subscription or similar, Kodi has become pretty much useless. Free links get shut down by government entities incredibly fast now and it’s not even worth people taking the time to upload them. There’s nothing wrong with Kodi or any of these other apps that used to provide free streams. It’s just the way it is now.