Help installing the MAGIC DRAGON kodi add-0on

does anyone know a working url to download the MAGIC DRAGON add-on for kodi 19? anyhelp would be appreciated.


Welcome to our community.

Take some time and navigate through the website.

Guide is here: Walk through

thank you so much for the quick reply! i should have prefaced everything with the info that the troypoint listed urls do not work. i was wondering if there was another url available that is not listed on troypoint?


What do mean the troypoint urls don’t work?

If you google it the same tutorial will show up.

Settings>file manager>add source

Get the magic dragon url:

thank you for your help, dracoo. i am old and have a hard time with technology sometimes. i apologize and am trying to learn more through this forum. when i click on the link you listed i get a 404 notice.


It’s okay, that’s the url you copy and past into your kodi section when adding a source to install magic dragon.

The walk through guide shows you that. You shouldn’t be getting a 404 with the the guide I sent you.

thank you. your help and patience are appreciated.

When I tried to add the url it added but there was nothing in side the jewel folder so I could not do anything else. Help please.


You must add that to source.

Then install from zip then repo. Must wait to the install finishes first.

This is for Magic Dragon…

another suggestion from tricks… (maybe youve already tried)

thank you, unfortunately, neither of those two repositories contain “the magic dragon”

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