HDO Onmedia Player

The HDO app as been working well for a while, now when i try to play anything, it tells me to install the onmedia player for best experience. wont let me do anything until I do. after i install it, now i got ads that popup before it plays a show. I have been to settings within the app. but it is only for subtitles. any advice on how to change the default player in this app?

Hdo box actually works better with the new separate video player … Download it then open a file manager… You’ll see the app to install

the video player installed fine. but is it the new video player that causes the ads? or an update to HDO, because now there is a commercial when i start a movie or tv show, i have to let it play then close the ad, and also when i exit a movie or tv… same add same ehing… did i miss something? is anyone else having the issues with ads?

As a rule, it’s the app that has the adware but sometimes the players do, too.