HDO BOX.... a new app I just stumbled on

Any input here about this app would be great as im usually late to the party, its quite possible this is an old app :thinking:地nd I just missed it :woozy_face:


HDO BOX - Best Movie App On Android, iOS, Fire TV and Nvidia Shield

I installed and tested this 2 weeks ago. It works pretty good. Nothing special but did provide good working links. Ive uninstalled it though as it isnt anything I need.

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I have been trying it out on and off for a couple of weeks now. It is ok. It seems to play well. There are no links to choose from as it plays automatically. I have had an occasional program freeze; you have no control of subtitles (at least none I could find), and the controls are kind of strange. The other thing I did not like was when you add a program to your watchlist and click on it, it just starts playing with the very first episode in the series. It does not bring up an episode list. I use it as a backup only. If Real Debrid would go down for maintenance, etc., I have a backup to use.


Thanks Miki, I think ive seen it but never clicked on because of the play on words hdo being similar to another big name I didnt fall for the gimmick :rofl: but the boxxmen emailed this to me today so I figured it was worth checking out and anything easy to use for seniors is always on my radar. :+1:

Thanks, I might make it a backup often backups become the next big thing夷e Tom Brady :sunglasses:


Thanks, willo give it a try.

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