Hbomax in england

I live in England and I’m trying to subscribe to HBOMAX, I’ve tried with vpn off and vpn on, for United States, but when I try it says on my FireStick App not found after it shows the home screen so I know its downloaded it just won’t open. also It happens when vpn on or off on phone and computer when I try to subscribeany help would be grateful. Thanks. Jimmy again

Hello @jimmy.royle have you tried installing it through our Rapid App Installer?

Hi Troy, yeah I’ve downloaded the app, the app opens then says at the top of the page HBOMAX ten underneath Unsupported version update your HBO Max to get the latest features with a download link underneath, so I’ve clicked the download link and it just says App not found. The app you are looking for could not be found and then a yellow box saying OK. This from the rai link. Any thoughts. Thanks. Jimmy.

Hi Jimmy,I subscribe to an IPTV service who are starting a new service for HBO Max
from 1st March.
It’s UK based.
Not something I’m interested in but I can vouch for them.
Their IPTV service is 1st rate.
The new HBO Max service is 40GBP/ year.
Hope this helps.

Thanks, what iptv service will you be using. Jimmy.

Can you tell me the iptv service your using to get HBOMAX. thanks. Jimmy