HB Media formerly Best Viper

Does anybody know what happened to HB media IPTV apparently they’re no longer online with their website or their IPTV.

IPTV services cannot be mentioned by name on this category. They only can be mentioned on IPTV services and you must be patron to access that category. I suggest you invest in being a patron you will get more information on IPTV services.

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Hey AJS1, I think the site is closed to new patrons.


Yes Troy confirmed that he is no longer accepting new patrons.He also said that could change in the future.So we will see.

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How do we invest in being a patron?

Read the post immediately above this one please.

I do see it’s closed to new members and has been for at least a week or more. I wanted to know what AJS1 meant by investing in it :rofl:

He may have been unaware that Troy closed it.

It was the wording. It triggered memories of bad stock market advice :upside_down_face:

you can never go wrong investing in these 3 things…

toilet paper

thank me later lol

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I stand corrected!

And I also need 20 characters

Wall Street. Classic movie from the 80’s

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