Having problems with You Tube Revanced

Recently I watch videos through You Tube Revanced and it plays for a minute and stops. I thought I should uninstall and reinstall it, using Troy’s video procedure and ended up having problems there as well. Before I uninstalled the old one I noticed there were 53 patches, the new old was defaulted to just 7. I couldn’t choose recommend for patches, I had to choose the default patches. It went through the build process and when it was time to install I had a message saying that because my tablet was not rooted I couldn’t install the default patches. Those were the patches the app told me to select and I have no idea how to root a device. Any ideas and has anyone else come across this?

Use Smart Tube. Just like YouTube, but blocks ads.

Try “SmartTubeNext” always updated and never fails only if Sponsor Block goes down or Google change something in the code, but the guys over at Github usually have an update out pretty quickly.