Has anyone used the cinema APK that says AD Free MOD

Has anyone used the cinema APK that’s AD Free?
If you have and you like it or dislike it can you please drop a line thank you.

There’s a ton of material on Cinema throughout this forum. Since Cinema seems to not consistently be supported, and the interest in the app is still high, the modded versions are extremely risky to download and use. If we all can’t get past Cinema, I highly recommend using the genuine app and have an ad-blocker, i.e. Surfshark VPNs ad-blocker. It will be safer, and the blocker gets rid of the ads. Just my two cents. I’m sure people are still using the modded ones, maybe they can respond with a virus scan and let us know how it is working.

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Thank you AMD237 I’ve been installing Cinema for years after the original programmer quit putting out updates is when I stopped using it. I’m die Hard Syncler user currently experimenting with Stremio, I used to you Stremio you a couple years ago.


I used to use cinema up and until they stopped supporting it.

However, after Troys recent info, i downloaded it and despite ad blockers and vpn, i still got adverts.

I uninstalled it and tried a modded version. No ads, but upon checking MX Player pro, i found a cgi video embedded. I also found the same video embedded in my files.

After a lot of hard work, i managed to remove the cgi video and uninstalled the app.

Back to Stremio and film plus as a back up.