Has anyone got ADM actually saving downloads to a USB stick?

Well, I am pretty much at my wits end with ADM. I have tried different versions, all with the same conclusion. As I have mentioned on other posts about OTG that migrated to using ADM, It will download, I can see the USB stick. It will only download to the internal memory of the stick. I cannot direct it to the USB.
I have spoken enough about this and so far nobody has ever once said they have done it. It seems like it just doesn’t work on the Firestick fully.

If anyone has, please chime in and let me know how you did it. I won’t discount user error on my behalf either but there are just not that many things you can do.

@Miki Sort of off topic but I know you said you see options to dl from Stremio. I am using a bit of an older version of it and I have never been able to see that. Film+ offers it when you click a link. It works to internal memory. I am guessing you’re using a newer version of it, perhaps I should update as it did on my 4k but honestly, I prefer the gui of the earlier version.

I will remove ADM sometime soon and look again for a free alternative that will work.

I don’t ever download so I can’t help ya wiz, sorry. But here is a link with info.

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Thank you. It seems this is more pc based and not on the Firestick. Even if it existed when on the Stick, sadly, it won’t help my cause. I don’t download anymore either, not since I started using the FS but as you know, this is all an exercise in the event there actually is something that I want and not use my pc. It will also open doors for other users but I am starting to think, it’s of little interest even though people do download using streaming devices.

Exactly. Unfortunately it probably can be done using the 4k Max but I haven’t a clue what to do, or even what ADM is. You are the only one I know who is trying this.

Found this but it’s ADM Pro.

Yes thank you. That was one of the versions I installed yesterday. There is another site that has links for previous versions and I tried a few of those. Installed, they all had the same outcome. I just can’t imagine not being able to have some kink of keystroke or mouse combination to actually get it to accept the new location since it appears. Perhaps it’s time to go back and try and get dish and direct tv working again as the dishes are still up :smiley:

I’m Not sure Wiz. But tell ya what I’m in the hospital now and when I get out, and if ADM Pro is free I’ll work with you to get this sorted. Time for me to learn this stuff so I can help good ppl like you. So hang in there.


First and foremost get well and out of there quickly. All the versions I have used are free, they all work, just that one last hiccup. Thank you kindly as I am sure if we get it sorted and it’s either something very simple I am missing or it just won’t work then I would think others may benefit and use this as well. You’re just being a good Canadian, eh?

lol. Only in Canader eh. I am back home. Told the surgeon she is an ignorant idiot. Demanded the bill and to talk to the head of urology and the admin. Waited to tell them I wasn’t appreciative of her lies and changing the operation part way through while I was knocked out and she didn’t even ask my wife who has my power of attorney. Got the IV out and left. I have to go back in 10 days for the dept head to remove the stent. Cost me $12,500.

I hope you’re ok. Have to love Canadian health plan. I hope you heal fast and feel better soon.


Tx Wiz. I am back home and resting. Still with the stent in. It was a nightmare and I’m considering a mal practice siut against the surgeon.


Pm sent, eta anytime

Dang @Miki …best of wishes in your recovery :pray: and the suit if you end up going after that… :+1:


Sorry to hear that you are going through that. Some of these doctors need to go back to school. Hopefully you bounce back fast.praying for you.:pray::grin:

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Seems like several of us “OLDIES” are in the same boat !! i’m going under the knife later this month for a heart valve replacement :mending_heart: :grimacing: maybe we should start a survivors club…


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